Larry LaGrone Vice President – Multifamily Loss Mitigation

Responsibilities: Larry LaGrone is Fannie Mae's Vice President - Multifamily Loss Mitigation.  Reporting to the Senior Vice President - Multifamily Chief Credit Officer, LaGrone is responsible for the management of all classified and troubled loans and foreclosed properties in the company's multifamily portfolio.  These responsibilities include oversight for identifying and managing underperforming loans, strategy, and negotiations related to loan modifications on defaulted debt and associated litigation, as well as management and disposition of foreclosed properties. 

Experience: Prior to joining Fannie Mae in 1997, LaGrone worked in the banking industry for 20 years, spending most of his career involved in various aspects of workouts and troubled commercial real estate assets.

Education: LaGrone has a bachelor of science in finance and economics from Southeastern Oklahoma State University.  

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