Serving Veterans As Grateful Americans

Why should I support/donate to the Grateful Americans Charity?

  • What Would You Do to Survive Homelessness?

Would you climb into a dirty dumpster filled with trash, because at least inside a Dumpster you would be shielded from the wind and covered from the cold?

Would you find your way into a dark and abandoned building, huddle under newspapers, and try to ignore the rats scrambling on the floor around your feet?

Would you escape underground to the subway and lie on the dirty floor, praying that no one will kick you or hurt you while you sleep?

If you were a homeless veteran, you might do any or all those things ... you might not have a choice.

Grateful Americans Charity is working hand-in-hand with the PTSD Foundation of America and Camp Hope to provide the resources necessary to help our veterans transition back into everyday life, so that they don’t become another casualty of war.  Every day, over 22 veterans take their own lives.  This number is higher than the number of veterans that lose their lives in combat on a daily basis. Our veterans need our support and the Grateful Americans Charity is committed to providing the resources they need.  We hope you will take the challenge and join us in our mission to stop veterans from becoming homeless, feeling isolated and committing suicide.

  • Why do we collect donations?

The Grateful Americans Charity, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.   Our mission is to provide resources that support programs aimed at ending Veteran homelessness and combating the invisible wounds of war.

  • Who does the charity support/benefit? Veterans charities.

The primary purpose of the charity is to raise awareness and provide resources that support programs aimed at ending Veteran homelessness and combating the invisible wounds of war.  We are a fundraising channel for non-profit organizations on a national basis that support: (i) veterans of the armed services of the United States suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (“PTSD”) though housing, counseling and job training; and (ii) other 501(c)(3) domestic charities providing similar support programs to veterans and their families.

  • What does the charity do with the money raised?

We are honored to inform you that a $250,000 check was presented in December 2018 to them representing funds raised in 2018.  The Grateful Americans Charity’s donations to the PTSD Foundation of America now total $640,000 in just the past three years! 

In 2019, we are again raising awareness and resources for the PTSD Foundation of America and Camp Hope!  Our goal is to at least double last year's fundraising for these outstanding organizations. 

  • How can I support our Veterans?

You can Donate Now on our sponsor or attend the 2018 fundraising events by clicking on the following links: